Thursday, July 30, 2015

El peor error político

Distinguished scientist Freeman Dyson has called the 1433 decision of the emperor of China to discontinue his country's exploration of the outside world the "worst political blunder in the history of civilization."
The United States seems at this moment about to break the record for the worst political blunder of all time, with its Obama administration deal that will make a nuclear Iran virtually inevitable.
A Historic Catastrophe. Thomas Sowell, sobre el acuerdo nuclear con Irán.


  1. He escuchado opiniones en ambos sentidos, y llego a la conclusión que el acuerdo es una buena decisión. No hay mejor forma de modificar la cabeza de millones de iranies que invandiendolos culturalmente. Cualquier alternativa que implique un movimiento militar tiene que descartarse después de las desastrosas consecuencias y resultados de la excursión en Irak.
    Ramiro y los Opinadores estaban equivocados, el ala más ortodoxa del Partido Republicano esta equivocado, Israel esta equivocado, no hay lugar para bombitas ahora...el mundo cambió...

  2. El mundo a cambiado muchas veces. Y seguirá cambiando. Ahora, si mirás la Historia encontrarás que no hay nada nuevo bajo Sol. El mismo Thomas Sowell en otro artículo dice esto:

    "If you look back through history, you will be hard pressed to find a leader of any democratic nation so universally popular — hailed enthusiastically by opposition parties as well as his own — as was British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain when he returned from Munich in 1938, waving an agreement with Hitler's signature on it, and proclaiming "Peace for our time."

    Who cared that he had thrown a small country to the Nazi wolves, in order to get a worthless agreement with Hitler? It looked great at the time because it had apparently avoided war.

    Now Barack Obama seems ready to repeat that political triumph by throwing another small country — Israel this time — to the wolves, for the sake of another worthless agreement.

    Back in 1938, Winston Churchill was one of the very few critics who tried to warn Chamberlain and the British public. Churchill said: "The idea that safety can be purchased by throwing a small State to the wolves is a fatal delusion."

    After the ruinous agreement was made with Hitler, he said: "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." Chamberlain's "Peace for our time" lasted just under a year."

    El artículo es este.


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